Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Air Gel Mattress Review

Modern lifestyles have brought many advantages, and a few disadvantages as well. Now, people have comfort in almost everything from watches to smartphones to mattresses.

One of the disadvantages, which many would consider a merit, is that there are different kinds of a single product, making decision making difficult. This means a consumer spends a lot of time in choosing which product to buy.

The task may sound easy, but it isn’t. In this article, we will be reviewing the Cr air gel mattress, which comes in four sizes (full, twin, king and queen). This review will contain the features, pros and cons of the mentioned mattress and help you in finding your ideal mattress.


This amazing mattress has three8” deep layers, including a 4.5”polyurethane supportive base foam, 1.5″ AirCell™ Technology Channel foam, and a 1.5” top layer of Ventilated Gel AirCell Technology Memory Foam.

The channel foam of the mattress has an egg-shaped embossed pattern. Sleeping on the bed, according to the manufacturer,is equivalent to floating on a cloud. For a deep, long, and comfortable sleep, the mattress targets pressure points on your body; its pressure system removes all pressure points to make sure that the person resting on the mattress gets a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.

The Cr memory foam air gel mattress comes with an antimicrobial outer cover. The poly-Jacquard fabric of the mattress has bamboo fiber that makes sure you feel comfortable and cool throughout the night.

No one likes to sweat while sleeping and some memory foam mattresses are hot, but the Cr air gel mattress keeps your body cool through the night because heat is dissipated away from your body as you sleep.


Here are some of the many advantages of this incredible mattress:

  • High-quality fiber: The material used in making the cover of the mattress has bamboo fiber that ensures coolness and controls humidity. Bamboo fiber is a healthy and natural green material that is safe for your body. The mattress’ cover has thermos-preservation, humidity control, and odor neutralization. The inner cover of the mattress has a flame-retardant effect because of inclusion of fiberglass cloth
  • Safety: This awesome mattress by Cr is CertiPURUS certified for performance and safety. This means that the mattress has been independently tested for environmental stewardship, safety, and physical performance
  • Warranty: The mattress comes with a 20-year warranty, which allows you to replace the product in case of any defect
  • Comfort: This mattress supports your body in a neutral position. A neutral position is a position in which the spine has the proper curvature, while the shoulders, head, buttocks, and heels are supported in proper alignment. The Cr memory foam air gel mattress is mid-firm so it does not push on your pressure points, and keeps your body in proper alignment.


The only problem that we noticed almost immediately with the mattress was the smell of chemicals coming off it. The odor, although unpleasant, is temporary; the materials used to make the mattress, specifically the polyurethane, is responsible for the smell, which will last up to 4 weeks.

This is a common problem among memory foam mattresses. It was not the best experience, but the quality of the mattress satisfied us. If you can tolerate the temporary smell, you should probably go for it. Also, there are other mattresses on the market that offer a chemical-free smell.

There are also many verified buyers who claim they got a clean-smelling mattress. Other complaints by reviewers are subjective, mostly in areas where the mattress did not live up to individual expectations.


The Cr memory foam air gel mattress may not be the lowest priced mattress on the market, but it is easily affordable by mid-stream buyers. The price of this mattress, which comes in four different sizes, ranges according to size.

Currently, it is available on discount on several online retailing sites, so you might want to check this out if you want to buy it. This Cr memory foam air gel mattress has everything that you might want in a mattress, from exceptional cushioning to incredible comfort.

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