DynastyMattress- Therapeutic Deluxe King Memory Foam Mattress with Review

If you are looking to buy a new mattress and want recommendations or suggestions, you have come to the right place. Purchasing a bed is a time-consuming task and one that should be done after considering all the features of different mattresses and all the options on the market.

When buying a mattress, do not just look for the advantages, but instead focus more on the disadvantages. Some mattresses may have brilliant features but a very bad after-sales service. Some mattresses could be incredible in comfort but wrong in size.

A mattress comes in many sizes, including single, double, twin, twin XL, queen, king size and super king size. In some countries, there are several other options as well like the California king size, full size, toddler size, etc.

In this article, we will be reviewing the DynastyMattress- Therapeutic Deluxe King, which is one of the best mattresses on the market.


Just like with other products, always check the reviews of verified buyers before making a purchase. The DynastyMattress-Therapeutic Deluxe King has many features and one of its most attractive features is the AirFlow system in the memory foam mattress.

The manufacturer of the mattress, DynastyMattress, provides 2 free memory foam pillows with the mattress as well that match its cover. The length of the pillows is 25 inches while the width of the pillows is 19 inches. The free inclusion of pillows is just an extra point to the long list of features of this mattress. The AirFlow system of the memory foam mattress offers a motion free, peaceful and trouble-free sleep. The size the mattress is 76” x 80” x 10”.


Here are the advantages of buying this DynastyMattress- Therapeutic Deluxe King:

  • Safe mattress: This memory foam mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, which pretty much confirms the safety of the mattress. In addition to this, this mattress is made with high quality, 100% anti-allergy and anti-mite, visco-elastic memory foam
  • Easy to clean: The mattress comes with a white fabric cover that has a deluxe and rich feel to it. The fabric zips four ways, on all sides, and that creates a simple to remove cover for fast and easy cleaning
  • Warranty: The purchaser should also know that the DynastyMattress-Therapeutic Deluxe King comes with a 20-year warranty, which should increase the trust of the purchaser in the manufacturer
  • Comfort: Whenever it comes to your convenience, think about the 7”high resilience polyurethane base foam and 3-inch HD memory foam
  • Guarantee: The visco-elastic memory foam comes with a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can easily get it replaced or get your money back


When researching the product you want to buy, it can be a good idea to read product reviews, as well as reviews by people who have bought and used the product, who are unsolicited in relating their experiences with the product. Read what they like and dislike about the product, as well as any problems they might have encountered.

  • According to several verified buyers, the quality of the mattress was not exactly the best. According to them, the pain sin their neck, shoulders and back escalated after using this mattress. Some buyers replaced the mattress because they thought the mattress was hard, instead of being soft
  • There were buyers who complained that the mattress worked perfectly for just a year or two. After two or more years, the mattress lost its comfort level


In the end, we can only say that this mattress by DynastyMattress is perfect for users who want a comfortable bed with memory foam pillows.

The design of the mattress is gorgeous as well. If you are worried about the firmness of the mattress, the mattress will get softer with time and the more you use it. At the price, you probably will not get a better mattress.

This mattress comes in five different sizes, including twin XL, queen, full, king and California king. Also, this mattress is one of the bestsellers currently on the popular online retailing site Amazon.com.

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