Is a King-size Bed Bigger than a Double?

When buying a mattress, you should consider several things, from size and dimensions to padding and comfort. The mattress’ size is the most essential factor when you are selecting a bed for your room because the bed needs to fit inside the room and leave some room for you to move around.

You probably spent almost all your nights in a single bed as a child because your body required a small mattress, but when you grew older and taller, you switched to a bigger bed—a twin bed or a full/double bed or a queen-size bed.

Difference between double size and king size bed

Whenever we are going to make an expensive purchase, a number of questions come to mind, like whether the price is too much, is the product durable, is the customer service good enough etc. When you are buying a mattress, several questions come to mind like is the queen-size bed better than a single bed? Is the king-size bed bigger than double bed?Is the California king-size bed the best?

When you review the sizes of the individual beds, you will get a better idea of how accommodating each can be to your specifications and needs.

The smallest bed on the market today is the toddler bed, and the largest is the super king-size bed, which is around 84” long and 72” wide. Aqueen size bed is larger than a single bed, but we cannot say which one is better because both the queen and single bed have their pros and cons.

As for which one is bigger between the king size and the double, it is certainly the king- size bed;the length of the king-size bed is 80” and its width is 76”, whereas the length of the double or full-size bed is just 75” and its width is 54”. If you are purchasing the mattress and the bed separately,be sure to check the sizes of both to make sure that the mattress fits the bed.

Which is better—a double bed or king size?

Both the beds, double bed and king size bed, have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some reasons why the double bed is the better option:

Why the double is the better option

  • Fits in a small room: The king-size bed has issues in fitting inside a small bedroom because of its large size. If it does fit inside the room, then it leaves only a little space for other things like a bureau and a chair; also, the person using that room may have problems in moving around the room. However, with a double bed, the person will have no such issues because it is the ideal size for small rooms
  • Enough room for two adults: Two adults can comfortably sleep on a double bed without any inconvenience
  • Price: The price of a double bed is less in comparison to a king-size, bed so mid-stream consumers can easily afford it.

Why the king size bed is the better option

There may be many reasons why you would want to buy a double size bed, but there are just as many reasons why you would want to pay more and buy yourself a king-size bed.

  • Comfort: The king-size bed is arguably the best when it comes to comfort. For taller people, the king-size bed is the better option in comparison to other mattresses because of its large size. King-size bed users can roll around, or sleep any way they want without fear of falling off the bed. There is more room for two people in the bed, without disturbing each other when rolling over, or getting in or out of the bed
  • Privacy: When it comes to double bed, those sharing the bed do not have a lot of personal space, but with a king-size bed, they have a huge amount of space between them, which allows them to sleep peacefully. You can easily sleep on your side of the bed and sleep without being disturbed by your partner moving around


The king-size bed is bigger than a double-size bed. But we cannot say that the king-size bed is a better buy than a double size bed because that depends on the requirements of the consumer.

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