King-size Mattress vs California King Mattress

If you are going to buy a mattress anytime soon, you should know certain things about mattresses like size and dimensions, memory foam, etc.

People mostly understand the difference between a queen-sized and king-sized mattress, but they do not have complete or necessary knowledge of difference between a king-size mattress and a California king mattress.

The king-size mattress, or the “Eastern King,” is usually the standard-size mattress, whereas the California king, aka “Western king,” is longer and narrower than the king-sized mattress.

California king mattresses are becoming more common over time, but they are still rarer than the king-size versions. In addition to this, the accessories for the California king mattresses and the mattress itself are costlier than the standard-king mattress.

The difference between a California king and a king-size mattress

The Eastern or standard-king mattress is 193cm, or 76” wide, while it is 203cm or 80” long. The Western or California king mattresses have the same area, but they are longer and narrower, measuring nearly 183cm x 214cm, or 72”  x 84”. Essentially, these mattresses trade 10cm or 4” in width for an additional 4” in length.

Another difference between the two mattresses is the“split king.” For optimum maneuverability, the king size mattress is actually divided down its center and is called the split king mattress. A split king allows two people to share the same bed without sharing the same mattress.

The split king bed is frequently just 5cm or 2” wider than the standard king, which means that the two halves of the mattress are 76cm x 203cm, or 30” x 80”. But for the California king mattress, there is no split version. Several manufacturers do not offer California king size mattresses, however, they do sell queen and king size beds. It should be known that the king-size mattresses of these producers are .5” to 1” (1.27 cm to 2.5 cm) smaller than the actual king-size bed.

For consumers who are not aware of this particular sizing, this can be an irritating realization. Nowadays, waterbeds are not very popular, but some producers still sell them because there is a demand. The Western/ California king size mattresses are more common than the king-size mattresses for waterbeds.

Which is the better of the two mattresses?Whichone to buy?

To walk comfortably inside a room, you should have at least 61cm or 2’ of walkable space around the bed frame. This means that neither California king beds nor standard king-size beds are very practical for rooms found in small homes or apartments. In these small areas, full-size beds or queen-size beds are more appropriate for use.

You will eventuallynotice that both the mattresses are not very different from each other and some people may even like the slightly different dimensions. The additional length of a California king mattress can feel quite comfortable to people who are over 183cm or 6’ tall. The California king mattress may function and look better in bedrooms or guestrooms that are narrow and long.

If you want to sleep close to your partner, the California bed is the better option for you, whereas people who like to sleep alone, a king size bed is adequate. The standard king-size beds are, no doubt, more popular than the California king mattresses.

Due to its low popularity, it gets extremely difficult to buy bed frames, comforters, box-springs and sheets for a California king bed. In addition, accessories for a California king bed are costlier than the accessories of a standard king. Hence, if you are a buyer who is looking for a better price and not larger dimensions, go for the king size mattress.


California king-size mattresses are wide enough for two people to sleep comfortably. King-size beds are slightly smaller than the California king, which is a foot wider than a queen-size mattress. California king beds are mostly intended for tall people who want to make sure that their feet are not hanging off the end of the mattress.

Both mattresses have great features and are preferable to the other in certain situations. If you want affordability, go with the king-size mattress, but if you want a longer mattress, go with the California king.

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