King Size Mattress vs. California King

Sleeping is one of the most important activities of the day. It helps rejuvenate your whole body and senses, energizing you for another day’s work. That is why it is essential for everyone to have a comfortable bed waiting for them at night. And when it comes to mattresses, size does matter.

It is right to choose a mattress according to your preference, whether you want something wider or longer, so your feet won’t be left dangling. Other than this, you also want to buy a bed that suits your room as well. Two of the most common sizes of mattresses that you might want to consider are the king size and California king.

But what are the real differences between the two? Which should you choose—the best king size mattress or the best California King? Find the answers as you read the comparisons below.

Brief history of the California king bed

The history of California king beds dates back to the 1960s in Los Angeles, California. They are found in luxurious mansions and are more expensive than standard king beds. In Europe, these mattresses or beds are called Western king beds, while the standard king bed is called the Eastern king bed.

Over the years, the California king has become competitive at an international level. And though the names are slightly different, the sizes or dimensions of these beds are the same as those made in the U.S.

Comparison of dimensions

The standard Eastern king-size bed is 76” wide and 80” long. It is by far the widest available mattress to buy. In fact, it is almost as wide as two thin mattresses when put together. Other versions of the king-size bed, called the split king, is often two inches wider than the standard king.

Meanwhile, the standard California king bed is narrower with 72” in width and 84” length, making it the longest possible mattress. The king size is 4” wider in width, while the California king is 4” longer in length. The surface area is quite the same. For king size, it’s 6,080 square inches while for California king, it’s 6,048 square inches.


Of course, one of the factors you should consider in buying anything is the price tag. Though the California king beds were once common for years, they are not as common as king beds. They are rarer, and, therefore, usually more expensive. It’s hard to find California king accessories such as bed frames and sheets at an affordable price. If affordability matters to you, king-size bed is a great choice.

Other things to consider

Both the king size mattress and the California king come with different pocket depths. The standard mattress depth is 7” to 9”, while the deep pocket is 10” to 15”. Furthermore, the extra deep pocket can expand from 15” to 22”. Knowing this information is necessary when purchasing bed sheets and other bedding. It doesn’t just add up to aesthetics, but also helps you sleep better night after night.

Why buy a king-size mattress?

Since the king-size mattress is wider, it offers plenty of room to move around while you sleep. If you prefer your space while resting, then a king-size mattress is a good pick. It is great for families with children; the added width even welcomes a friend for sleepovers, too.

Why buy a California king mattress?

If you are 6’ or taller, it would be uncomfortable to have a small bed. The California king mattress perfectly suits taller people, supporting their feet on the mattress, and providing comfort from head to toe. If you want to sleep closer to your partner, the California king is a great choice. It is also fitted for rooms that are long and narrow.


By understanding the factors needed to consider, and the measurements of the two sizes of mattresses, you can choose the best king-size or California King mattress for your bedroom. Your choice between the two is according to your preference and body type. Both are viable options for your bedroom and your sleeping needs.

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