Most Comfortable King-size Mattress

A bed is no more just a bed, it is more—it is a social space as well. We do not just sleep on our beds now; we use them for playing games with our children, to wrestle with our siblings, to watch television with a partner, to talk with family after dinner or lunch, etc. Hence, before buying a bed, we need to know about the level of comfort it will offer us.

Mattresses come in all sizes these days, including single, twin, twin XL, double or full, full XL, king size, super king size, queen, etc. They are also made of different materials which offer different degrees of comfort and support. Normally, whenever you want a bed for two people, you look for a large size bed, not something too large, as super king size, and nothing too small like double bed.

King-size mattresses and their pros

A double bed is not the best for two people because it will just provide you the space to sleep, nothing more. Hence, our next choice would be a king-size bed, which is around 6” longer and 22” wider than a double-size bed. The width of the king size bed is 76” while its length is 80”, whereas the length of a double size bed is 75” and its width is 54”.

According to a report by Tesco, more king-size beds are being sold in the UK than double-size beds. It cannot be ignored that taller people would likely prefer a king-size mattress to a double or full-size mattress, nor it can be ignored that a king-size bed provides more personal space than the other beds. Further, king-size beds always indicate luxury and comfort.

The most comfortable king size mattress on the market

During the past several years, the sales of king-size beds have hiked drastically and has forced manufacturers to release more comfortable and affordable beds to consumers. This move led to the launch of several kinds of king-size mattresses.

Consumers are now confused about which bed to buy and why. While buying a king-size mattress, many features should be considered like dimensions and size, padding and cushioning, design, price, memory foam, safety, fabric used, quality of the material, etc.

Here are some of the most comfortable king-size mattresses on the market:

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra King Size

This mattress, manufactured by Live and Sleep, offers a deluxe cushion of around 2.5” Premium Air Flow Visco Foam over 1” of Gel Infused Memory Foam. In addition to this, the Live and Sleep Resort Ultra King Size mattress comes with an 8.5” extra thick high density support base.

You will get the feel of a luxurious hotel bed on this mattress. The HD foam of the mattress relieves pressure points and considerablyreduces tossing and turning.

Those who suffer from hip, leg, or back pain will get immense relief on this mattress because the HD foam targets the sore points and offers relief from pain.

Dynasty Mattress Therapeutic Deluxe King

Another extremely comfortable mattress is the Dynasty Mattress Therapeutic Deluxe King. The memory foam mattress comes with an AirFlow System that offers a cool and motion-free night sleep.

The mattress is made with 100 per cent anti-allergy, anti-mite and visco-elastic memory foam that is safe. The fabric used in making the mattress is of high quality and has a rich feel to it. You will have no problem in cleaning the mattress as the outer fabric cover is easily removable as well. In addition to comfort, the mattress comes with a 20-year warranty that makes it a worthy buy.

LANGRIA Medium Firm 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

This amazing mattress, manufactured by LANGRIA, comes with the best features. The mattress has high-quality foam between the bottom layer and quilted top layer for optimal support.

The fabric cover of the mattress is soft, sweat-absorbent, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The 2” memory foam of the mattress assists you in sleeping comfortably, without any issues. Also, the mattress relieves pressure points along your back, shoulders, neck and hips and allows you to rest comfortably.


These three mattresses were our top choices for most comfortable king mattress. However, if you are ready to spend more money, you will for more options from which you can select.

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