Types of King-size Mattresses

A king-size mattress may be a luxury for some people but it is a necessity for others. King-size mattresses are the largest size mattresses on the market, and include mattresses like the California king and the standard king.

While buying a mattress, you should look for a mattress that can fit easily into your bedroom without appearing too big or too small. Another important thing while purchasing a mattress is that you should have sufficient space in the corridor and stairwell to move the bed.

Choosing a mattress involves not just the length and width of the mattress, but also the amount of padding and cushioning. The mattress should ideally be at least 15 to 20 cm longer than the person who is going to use it. The king-size mattress has enough room for two people, and is very comfortable.

Three kinds of king size mattress

There are several sizes of mattresses on the market today, from queen size to king size to double or full size, to twin size and XL twin. The king-size mattress also has three different types—California king-size, Standard king-size, and split king-size. You can choose your mattress according to their preference and bed frame size. The three different mattresses have varied dimensions, and comfort levels. For instance, the California king-size mattress is the best choice if you want a lot of space.

Each of the three given mattresses is large enough for two people to sleep comfortably. In addition to this, there is sufficient space for you to move freely on both sides without disturbing or being disturbed by your partner. Large mattresses further allow the consumer to rest peacefully and sleep comfortably. Here are the three types of king size mattresses:

California king size mattress

Some of you might know that the California king-size mattress is also popularly known as the “Western king.” This type of mattress is 72” wide and 84” long. In comparison to a standard king-size mattress, the California king is narrower by 4’ and longer by 4”. People, who find it uncomfortable to sleep on a standard king because of their height, can easily fit and be comfortable on this mattress.

In today’s world of brilliant technology and solution to almost every problem, there are still many people with exceptional height who have to push together two beds to sleep comfortably. The California king-size mattress can solve this particular problem because of its longer size. This mattress has the same size comforter and flat sheet as a standard size mattress. But, to fit well on all sides of the bed, this mattress has a specific fitted sheet.

Standard king-size mattress

The standard king mattress is popularly known as “Eastern king” mattress. The standard king is the most common size of king-size mattress that you will find in the market. This type of mattress is 76” wide and 80” long. The size frame is more than sufficient for two adults. The standard king is wider than the queen-size mattress by around 16”, but it is as long as the latter. If you sleep with your partner on this mattress, you both will have a personal space of about 38”. You can toss and turn as much as you want without disturbing or being disturbed by your partner.

Split king-size mattress

The split king mattress is very popular for its versatility. You can use it in a master bedroom or in a guest room, wherever they prefer and whenever they want. In addition to this, you can make a separate bed by pulling back the mattress.

The split king-size mattress is most useful for individuals who want to have a separate bed. This mattress can be pushed back as well so that it can be used by two people.

This kind of mattress is made with two extra-long twin mattresses. It is 80” long and 76” to 78” wide. As you can see, the dimensions are similar to standard king-size mattress. The split king is perfect for different bedroom requirements.

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