What is a King-size Mattress?

Bed sizes are commonly based on the size of standard mattresses. The size varies from country to country. Also, the sizes of bed vary according to the degree of ornamentation and size of the bed frame. Names and dimensions of mattress vary considerably worldwide and many countries have their own technology and standards.

Additionally, two different mattresses with the same nominal size could have different dimensions due to support type, amount of padding, and manufacturing tolerances. Manufacturing conventions have created many box spring sizes and standard mattress.

There are many types of mattresses, including twin, twin XL, full XL, Texas king, California king waterbed insert, California queen waterbed insert, queen, single, double or full, king, double XL, small and California king. In this article, we will be learning about king mattress and why to buy them.

A king-size bed generally has two smaller box-springs or a single king-sized box spring under a king-sized mattress. A comfortable amount of space on a cozy mattress is one of the most essential factors to get a good sleep whenever you are tired.

On a small or a single mattress, you will not find that comfort.Your small room may not support a California king-size mattress, so what you need to figure out is which is the ideal mattress size for you.

Definition and dimension of a king-size mattress

Any mattress should be wider and longer than the amount of space you require to sleep. If you are sharing your bed with a partner, you will require almost double the space. We recommend you buy a king size or California king-size mattress in case the mattress is going to be used by two adults.

Before buying the mattress, you should know that the size of mattress is slightly less than the standard bed size so that it can easily fit inside the frame of the bed.

The king-size mattress is also popularly known as an “Eastern king” and it is the same length as a queen mattress, but around 18” wider. It provides a lot of space so it is perfect for couples. In addition to this, if you have pets or kids who like to share your bed, the king-size beds are most suitable.

However, for people taller than 6’, we recommend a California king-size mattress and bed, that is a 72” x 84”. The dimension of the king-size mattress is 76” x 80”. Some couples buy the full or double size mattress believing that it has enough room for two people. However, they face problems when they realize it does not have enough space if they like to spread out.

Couples can have a lot of personal space, around 38 inches, on a king-size mattress. Two extra-long twin mattress pushed together are about the same size as the king mattress. When it comes to children, around three kids can easily and conveniently sleep on a king-size mattress.


Here are some of the advantages of buying a king-size mattress:

  • Personal space: For people who like to have maximum personal space, the king-size mattress is a great choice. There comes a time when you want a large bed, and the king-size mattress assists in that situation. Also, tall people can comfortably sleep on this mattress as it is longer and wider than the queen-size mattress
  • Manageable: For better support, the king-size mattress comes with two twin-size foundations and a king-sized box that makes it more manageable and easy to handle
  • Comfort: The best thing about the king-size mattress is the comfort it provides. You can spread your body out as much as you want without disturbing or waking up a sleeping partner. Also, if your partner has issues like snoring, tossing and turning or sleep talking during the night, the mattress will let you have your personal space


A king-size mattress is, overall, a great option if you want a mattress for two adults. Because of its large size, it may be heavy to navigate through a stairwell, small corridors, and through doors, or it could be too big for some bedrooms; hence, always consider the size and room dimensions before buying the actual bed and mattress.

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